14 foot 1967 Williamscraft trailer

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Vintage Trailer Tour

A few weeks ago I shared Daffodil’s maiden voyage. I told you about some of the fun we had at our camp-out in September and I promised to give you a tour of some of my girlfriends’ trailers so you can enjoy them the way I did.  There are various styles of trailers and some truly show their age.  Some of the gals want to leave their trailers as they are and others of us restore our trailers.  All of us tend to decorate and ‘stage’ our trailers – inside and out.  Many of the trailers were not staged outdoors as much as usual because we were all parked very close together in two common areas.  When we have our own space – look out, the sky is the limit!  So, come with me and we will look at some of the trailers.  I missed getting photos of all of them.  I was the hostess, so I was a bit busy!  Let’s start over here with my friend’s little Shasta.  This is one trailer that is usually decorated from top to bottom but simplicity was necessary.  My sweet friend hadn’t been feeling well so we were happy she could join us.
Cassandra's TrailerAs you probably can tell, we name our trailers.  We usually have some kind of sign to identify the name, make and year of our trailers.  This one is OohLaLa.  Her sign is a chalkboard that is permanently secured to the side of her trailer.
Cassandra's Trailer SignThis is another ‘canned ham’ trailer.  Do you know why these trailers are called ‘canned hams’?  Does it look like a can of ham?Fran's TrailerIn the next row is my sweet friend’s trailer.  This one was completely restored and she’s a beauty.  This is a nineteen-sixty-two Shasta named Mary Lou.
Annie's Trailer Let’s go around to the back.  Not every trailer has the spare tire on the back but this one does – and you can’t miss it!  Now, doesn’t that just make you smile?  Can you imagine following Mary Lou down the road and having this face smiling at your all along the way?
Tire Cover Let’s go inside and see how cozy my dear friend has made her vintage trailer.  Come in and have a seat.  The sofa goes across the front of the trailer.  My friend made the curtains.  The gray curtains are closed at night for privacy.  The ‘S’ cut-out above the window on the right is a magazine rack that were a signature piece in Shasta trailers for a few years.
Annie's Couch Collage And this kitchen is to die for!  She had a double sink and new appliances installed so she would have all the comforts of home when she’s on the road.
Annie's Kitchen This bed looks so inviting!  I was about ready to crawl in and take a nap.  There's a tiny bathroom in the back right corner!
Annie's BedRight behind Mary Lou is another darling trailer.  Her name is Palomino Pony.  I bet you won’t be surprised if she’s decorated with cowgirls and horses.  The outdoor kitchen set up and ready to use. 
Patty's TrailerLet’s go inside and look.  You can’t miss the theme the moment you step in.  She has used her finds and treasures in amazing ways. 
Patty's Trailer CollageI think this must be the coziest bed in all the trailers I’ve seen - she has a brass headboard!  The wood inside this trailer is all original.  It’s a real beauty!
Patty's BedMany of the gals have televisions and DVD players in their trailers.  It makes for good movie-watching late at night.  This sweet friend decided she didn’t want just any ordinary flat-screen televisions.  No-sir-ee, she wanted it to look it was vintage.  Her hubby worked to make it just right, complete with vintage knobs.  It almost looks like it’s been there since the trailer was built.
Patty's TVNow we’ll go to the other side of our campsite and see how one of the new gals has decorated her trailer.  Her trailer is fairly new.  It has all the amenities most of us wish we had.  She chose a southwestern theme.  Her ‘red-hot-pepper’ lights were such fun at night.
Sharon's Trailer Collage This little silver beauty is so sweet.  She always has hanging baskets of fresh flowers and a few sitting near her door and at the front of her campsite.  Even her welcome sign (which she couldn’t put out because of space limitations) has a flower basket attached.  I love the little furnace vent ‘chimney’ on the top of this tiny trailer.  It's so cute!
Debbie H's Flower BoxesThe next trailer in this row belongs to a dear friend of mine.  My friend is Hawaiian - I think you can see it in her theme. 
Debbie D's TrailerShe didn’t miss a thing – everything is just right!  The inside of her door is painted with chalkboard paint so she can change it whenever she wants to.  We had hot weather the weekend we camped together and these chairs were used a lot.  The little pool was filled with cold water to rest weary feet and help cool us just a bit.
Debbie D CollageAnother dear friend has a motor home that is so nice.  She has it decorated in a denim western theme.
Linda's Rig
I didn’t get pictures inside this time but I’ll do that another time when we're together.  She decorated the inside of her door with the name of her sweet rig.
Linda's Door I hope you enjoyed this tour of trailers.  Wherever we girlfriends go – wherever we stop along the way or camp together – we always draw attention.  People often stop by and ask to see our trailers.  It’s such fun to share them with others. We’re pretty happy to share our fun when someone stops by.  I think you can see that we have a lot of fun.  More than we could ever imagine! Stop by sometime - we'll show you around.  And don't be surprised if we invite you to join us around the campfire, for dinner or for some of our activities - we love to spread the fun around!