14 foot 1967 Williamscraft trailer

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Hunting Lodge - Ready To Bloom

Before Daffodil began to ‘bloom’, she was our friend’s hunting ‘lodge’.  He took her into the mountains every year during hunting season.  I don’t know if she ever got used to traveling over rough roads, being in very cold weather and having a couple of guys call her home during those days.  When I first saw her she just ‘begged’ for a redo.  I could see her real personality under all the stuff and I couldn’t wait to transform her into the beauty she was underneath.  When you see the interior you will understand why I couldn’t wait to start making changes.  So, my friends, I feel like I should apologize for what you are about to see.  It’s not pretty!  But it’s real.  This is the way it was!  For you to appreciate the beauty ahead, you must see what we started with – the good, the bad and the ugly!

The kitchen was not in good shape.  The basics were all there – and they all worked.  All of the drawers were missing, the vintage icebox had been removed and the paneling had problems.  Someone had put self-stick vinyl squares on the walls on each side of the kitchen.  Some of the tiles were missing pieces and some were beginning to come loose.P4109304 This sign hung between the closet door and a floor-to-ceiling shelf unit!  Really?  I’m sure you can imagine that I didn’t plan to leave it there.  It’s not my style – or my color!  P4109307Now, I think this was the worst!  I’m sorry – but these drapes had to go.  Our friend was so pleased that his good friend’s mother had made them many years before.  If you see the pattern on the mattress cushions on the bunk you will understand why she chose the color.  The drapes were faded and worn.  I couldn’t wait to take them down.  And I did!  Our friend was very proud of the bunk he had built so his buddy could sleep up there. I think all eight of my grandkids could have jumped and played up and it wouldn’t budge!  I knew it had to come down so Daffodil could be open and filled with light.  Her beauty couldn’t shine through this way!  P4109308 All the windows had plastic taped over them to help keep the cold out during hunting trips high in the mountains late in the fall or early winter.  You can see the plastic on the little window by the bunk.  The hook beside the little window and the hanger on the side wall held the men’s lanterns at night.  The mattress below the bunk was full size.  It took up so much room and I knew it wasn’t going to stay.  P4109310The table beside the bed attached to the wall and folded up when you didn’t need it.  It was a cute, little vintage Formica table – and pretty handy.  I don’t think I’ll use it.  I have another thought!  And that light – it had to go!P4109316Around to the left – beside the door – was a cute little cabinet.  Nice storage.  I don’t know why all the drawers were missing.  I’m not worried.  My sweetheart is going to take care of it.
P4109313 Work began right away.  Demolition began the next day!  My sweetheart did the ‘big’ jobs – and I did what I could handle.  You’ll see that soon.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daffodil Comes Home And Gets A Bath

The day arrived for us to drive across town to get Daffodil and bring her home.  My heart was beating just a bit faster than usual and I had excited butterflies in my stomach.  It was hard to believe the day I had waited for was finally here!  All of the paperwork was completed and my sweetheart hooked her up to our car.P4099290Within minutes we were ready to go.  Ready to take her to her new home.  Home – where she would be transformed to a little place of beauty.P4099289Daffodil was very dirty so I decided to give her a bath right after we got home.  She had been sitting in the back corner of her previous owner’s property for a long time.  Her owner’s wife was horrified that he hadn’t cleaned her up before we picked her up.  I was fine with it – I was anxious to bring her home and I didn’t want to wait any longer.  I wanted to give her a bath right away!  My sweetheart said washing a trailer is a good way to get acquainted with every square inch of her exterior.  It was a chore – a chore I absolutely loved doing!  No complaints from me.  I donned my sweetheart’s rain overalls and a pair of his rubber boots.  I was a spectacle in the neighborhood, I’m sure!P4099292The only part I didn’t wash was her roof.  I left that to my sweetheart.  When I finished she was clean – from stem. . .P4099300 To stern. (oops – there’s the reflection of my big, green ladder in the back window!)P4099302She was ‘clean as a whistle’ – and I just stood back and smiled.  A lot!  I could hardly believe it – I finally had my very own vintage trailer.  And she was home.  At last!P4099295 Next:  Scenes from inside – the before pictures.