14 foot 1967 Williamscraft trailer

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Detour Along The Way

NOTEMy blog ‘With A Grateful Heart’ has disappeared again.  Some of you have emailed to ask me what has happened.  It’s a long story – and I am very frustrated – but I’m working on it.  This happened last year about this time.  I had been assured the problem was fixed and settings were changed so it wouldn’t happen again.  Not true!  Now I find – without any warning – that my blog was taken down.  My dashboard and all of my posts and photos are still there, thankfully, but they don’t show up when you try to find them online.  After many hours searching for the answer and being ‘shushed’ around from pillar to post with non-answers, I finally contacted someone who helped me take the first step to resolve the issue.  Now I’m waiting for them to ‘process’ things and get my blog up and running again.  So, this is the only way I can let you know what has happened.  I have a custom domain for ‘With A Grateful Heart’ – that’s where the problem is.  ‘Daffodil’s Journey’ is still with BlogSpot so this one is not affected.  I’m still here and I have things to share but there’s no way to do it until someone ‘flips the switch’ and gets my blog restored.  Be assured that you will hear from me as soon as I have access again.

Now – let’s continue to see what has happened with Miss Daffodil!  When I last posted about her ‘situation’ it was clear that we had to make big changes in our plans.  She will not be ready to go anywhere this year!  I want to show you what my sweetheart did to dismantle the roof.  Because of the way the roof sheeting was overlapped by the front sheeting, everything on the front had to come off, too.  That left her rather exposed!Insulation ExposedOnce the front sheeting was removed, my sweetheart began the long process of removing the roof.  Piece by piece.  Layer by layer.
Working on the RoofOnce the metal sheeting and the insulation were gone, it was easy to see the roof supports.  The problem area was quickly found and decisions were made about the process needed to fix it.Roof CollageThen my sweetheart went inside and removed the ceiling panels.  Wow!  Did that ever let a lot of light in.  I asked him if we could just make one big skylight.  He suggested that I might not like it if  I wake in the morning to see critters looking down at me.  Sometimes it’s best not to know what’s up there!Open RoofMaybe it would be possible to have a retracting roof!  Sports arenas have them now.  They open when the sun is shines – and close when it rains or snows!  Now, there’s an idea!Open Roof 2We’re not discouraged by all of this.  My sweetheart knows exactly what to do and this is an opportunity to add some amenities we wouldn’t have been able to add if we only made cosmetic changes.Open Roof 3
So, my friends, that’s the way things were for awhile.  But there’s more.  This is our chance to change the wall paneling and make some big changes.  So, we kept going – more dismantling was in our future.  To be continued. . .

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Beginning Again

What I am about to show you – and what I share with you in the days ahead – is a new beginning for Miss Daffodil.  You’ve seen her early days after we brought her home.  Over the next few posts you will begin to see what has happened to make her look the way she looks today.

What was supposed to be cosmetic changes became something much bigger.  My sweetheart was working on her one day when he came in and asked, ‘Do you want the bad news or the good news?’  ‘You know I don’t like that choice,’ I said.  ‘Just tell me!’  He went on to tell me he had found a puddle of water in the closet.  He did a bit of inspection.  When he pulled off a piece of the paneling he found that Daffodil had wet ceiling joists that appeared to be ‘soft’.  Wet wood is never a good sign!  ‘So what’s the good news?’ I asked.  The good news?  ‘You know that paneling you really didn’t like?  Well, you are going to be able to choose what you want.  We have to take it all off!’  So, my friends, Daffodil isn’t a thing of beauty yet – she’s not what she was - but one of these days she will be a winner!  The roof sheeting had to come off so my sweetheart could inspect and repair the problem.  The real problem was that the old caulking that had been used in the past had dried out and cracked.  The cracks let water in when it had rained!  So, now it was time for a new beginning – a detour on her road to beauty.  Remember the roof  I showed you here just a few days ago?  The roof that my sweetheart so meticulously caulked and sealed shortly after she came home?  Well, it had to come off.  All of it!  The first thing that had to be removed was the front window so he could access the roof sheeting.  First came the trim that was on the edges. J Rail Comes Off When the trim was off, the seams and the old caulking were exposed.Old CaulkingNext, came the front window.  It had to come out because the front sheeting overlapped the roof sheeting! In order to take the front sheeting off, the window had to come out first.Working on the WindowIt wasn't long and, with a little help from me, the front window was out.  Front Window It’s amazing the difference a window makes!Missing WindowThe nameplate and the front lights were next.Name PlateThen, trim on the other side of the front panel came off and it was time to remove the nails that held the front sheeting piece.  One thing led to another!More Trim Comes OffWhen the trim pieces were off and about a million old nails had been removed, the front panel was released.Coming Off While my sweetheart worked on Daffodil, it was obvious that our ‘up-front supervisor’ was asleep on the job!Asleep On the JobBig changes were made, one piece at a time, and by the end of the day I saw a smile of satisfaction on my sweetheart’s face.  Smiles for a job well done!  The beginning of the next phase had begun!  Smiles Through the WindowPlease come by again soon.  There’s so much more to show you.  This was just a new beginning.  It get’s ‘interesting’ and I think you will be amazed to see the process.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A New Beginning

I’ve been sharing Daffodil’s before photos with you.  It seems a few of you think what you’ve been seeing is the current, up-to-date activity that’s going on with her.  We’re working on her but you haven’t seen the ‘here-and-now’ yet.  The photos you’ve seen are from the past – from shortly after we brought her home two years ago.  For a time she had to sit and wait for life to settle a bit so she could move forward.  Things are moving right along now.  She has plans – and reservations – for a road trip in the Fall.  So, here are the first photos of the second stage - the new beginnings - in Daffodil’s journey.  Over the next days I will catch you up to the point where she is now – then you will be able to follow her progress as it happens.  What you will see here today took place just a few weeks ago.

We had planned to only make cosmetic changes.  We had reason to believe her structure was sound.  We weren’t certain about some things.  I wasn’t real pleased with the paneling – actually, I liked the paneling but not the huge nails that had been placed all over the walls.  Some said I should just paint it and the nails wouldn’t show.  But I knew I would see them!  I told my sweetheart I knew I would close my eyes at night and 'see' those horrendous nails in my sleep!  We debated whether or not we should try to cover the seams and the ugly nails with some kind of trim.  We talked about wallpaper and several other ideas but nothing seemed to be the right thing to do.  There were parts of the old paneling that had been damaged.  We knew it would have to be replaced but we couldn’t find paneling to match.  My sweetheart suggested that we take out the things that we knew had to come out to be redone.  The kitchen cabinet had to come out to be completely rebuilt.
KitchenOnce a few things were out we knew we could see the real condition of the paneling.  That would give us a good idea what would need to be done - how much else we would have to remove.   If all went well, the new flooring would be next after the kitchen cabinet and the frame that would hold the bed had been removed.  The new flooring was given to me!  Free!  It was perfect!  My brother-in-law is a contractor.  He also does flooring and counters.  Recently he did a big flooring job that required him to hire extra help.  He hired my sweetheart and when my sweetheart saw the vinyl flooring that was being laid on that job, he brought a scrap home to show me.  The moment I saw it I knew it was just what I wanted for Daffodil!  We decided to ask my sweetheart’s brother where we could buy the same flooring.Floor SampleA few days later, when the flooring job was finished, my sweetheart walked in the door with a roll of flooring that was left over from the job.  It was just a piece that was going to be thrown in the dumpster!  My brother-in-law gave it to me for Daffodil!  This is high-quality vinyl that looks like hardwood.  The texture is wonderful and I could hardly believe it would grace Daffodil’s floor.  At no cost to us!FlooringSo, my sweetheart went to work.  He began with the wheel well covers and the structure that had held the bed.Dave At Work 2It didn’t take long before things were looking different.  You can see Daffodil’s trunk – where the spare tire is.  The flooring has to be replaced from the back wall, inside the trunk, to the front wall of the trailer, under the kitchen cabinets.  The original framework for the trunk and wheel wells will be used when it’s time to put them in again.  (It looks like I was playing with the flooring sample again!)Tearing DownThe old, ugly ceiling light had to go, for sure.  It will not return!  Absolutely not!  You can see part of the old propane light behind the ceiling light.  The blue tape on the propane light says ‘Do not use.’  It will return but when it does it won’t be propane and it won’t look quite the same.Old LightsBefore my sweetheart began to remove the kitchen and the wheel wells and bed structure, he carefully drew a detailed floor plan so he would know exactly how everything was to begin with.  And it would give him the measurements he needed to cut the flooring when that time came.Daffodil PlansWe had a plan.  We hoped our Plan A would be the direction we could go.  At this point we didn’t know if that would happen so we were prepared to make changes.  Change can be good – and it can be hard.  While we didn’t know what to expect, we knew that the end result would be just right.  Getting there would take a lot of old-fashioned hard work!  We had no doubt about it – and we were ready.   We just didn’t know what we were ready for!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Up On The Roof

When this old world starts getting me down,

And people are just too much for me to face—

I climb way up to the top of the stairs

And all my cares just drift right into space ...

On the roof, it's peaceful as can be
And there the world below can't bother me
Let me tell you now
When I come home feelin' tired and beat
I go up where the air is fresh and sweet
(up on the roof)
I get away from the hustling crowd
And all that rat-race noise down in the street
(up on the roof)

On the roof, the only place I know
Where you just have to wish to make it so
Let's go up on the roof
(up on the roof)
Do you remember this song?  It was popular when I was a young girl.  The Drifters made it famous and it often played on my radio.  I sang along.  I thought of it again today.  I thought I would show you the next thing that happened on Daffodil’s journey to beauty.On The RoofOne thing that is very important with RV’s of any kind is the condition of the roof.  Knowing what is going on up on the top is crucial to the well-being of the trailer or motor home.  If the roof leaks, you have a problem!  If the seams aren’t sealed, you have a problem!  If the roof coating is worn or damaged, you have a problem!  The problem?  Water gets inside and ruins a lot of things.  Soon after Daffodil came home with us my sweetheart inspected the roof, the seams and the sealant that had been put on the roof several years ago.  His conclusion was that her seams needed to be resealed and she needed a new coat of roof sealer.  One sunny day he set up ladders and began the job of removing the old seam sealer.  Then he carefully began to put new sealer on each seam on the roof.On The Roof 2One thing I appreciate about my sweetheart is that he does a job well.  He’s particular about the way it’s done and he doesn’t take shortcuts to be sure it’s done right!  The seams needed to dry for a couple of days so the next step had to wait.  A few days later he climbed back up and washed the roof – everything had to be clean for the roof sealer to go down.On The Roof 3If we had known then what we know now – we wouldn’t have been concerned about sealing the seams and the roof.  Come back soon to see why.  Big changes are about to happen and I’m sure you will be amazed  as the process moves along.  She’s going to be a beauty.  It won’t be long now.  You won’t be able to miss it.  I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Work Begins

It didn’t take long after Daffodil came home for work to begin on her journey toward beauty!  I could hardly wait but first we had to take some things apart. My sweetheart removed the big mattress and bed and the heavy-duty bunk that had been added. The next thing to go was the old curtains.  It was time to let the light come in. It seemed like instant change!Windows and Bed It was amazing!  Everything felt so open and spacious.  I absolutely loved it!  I wasn’t thrilled with the fabric on the old cushions but we weren’t going to keep them long.  A day or two later, while my sweetheart was at work, I picked up my sweetheart’s big cordless screwdriver/drill and took off the remaining cabinet doors in the kitchen.Kitchen ProjectI loved the big kitchen window – but I didn’t love the yellowed plastic panes that had been added to the bottom louvers. They will be replaced with glass before the renovation is finished.  Kitchen WindowThe next thing to come down was the little table and the wall track it slides into.  I was on a roll!  I didn’t stop!  I took off the closet door. . .Closet with DoorsAnd the door on the shelf unit beside the closet.  I stored the table and all the doors in the big closet for safe keeping.  The doors will be patterns for new doors.  The little table will be used again.Closet and Shelf DoorsThen it was time to remove the old floor tiles that had been put on the wall beside the stove.  Those weren’t easy to remove.  They had been there a long time and they didn’t want to come down.Door and Stove AreaI needed help with the little cabinet that was beside the door.  It all had to come out so my sweetheart took care of that when he came home from work. Little CabinetThat was a lot of work and I was tired!  The afternoon sun shone through the windows and it seemed like a good time to take a nap.Shady Spot

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Hunting Lodge - Ready To Bloom

Before Daffodil began to ‘bloom’, she was our friend’s hunting ‘lodge’.  He took her into the mountains every year during hunting season.  I don’t know if she ever got used to traveling over rough roads, being in very cold weather and having a couple of guys call her home during those days.  When I first saw her she just ‘begged’ for a redo.  I could see her real personality under all the stuff and I couldn’t wait to transform her into the beauty she was underneath.  When you see the interior you will understand why I couldn’t wait to start making changes.  So, my friends, I feel like I should apologize for what you are about to see.  It’s not pretty!  But it’s real.  This is the way it was!  For you to appreciate the beauty ahead, you must see what we started with – the good, the bad and the ugly!

The kitchen was not in good shape.  The basics were all there – and they all worked.  All of the drawers were missing, the vintage icebox had been removed and the paneling had problems.  Someone had put self-stick vinyl squares on the walls on each side of the kitchen.  Some of the tiles were missing pieces and some were beginning to come loose.P4109304 This sign hung between the closet door and a floor-to-ceiling shelf unit!  Really?  I’m sure you can imagine that I didn’t plan to leave it there.  It’s not my style – or my color!  P4109307Now, I think this was the worst!  I’m sorry – but these drapes had to go.  Our friend was so pleased that his good friend’s mother had made them many years before.  If you see the pattern on the mattress cushions on the bunk you will understand why she chose the color.  The drapes were faded and worn.  I couldn’t wait to take them down.  And I did!  Our friend was very proud of the bunk he had built so his buddy could sleep up there. I think all eight of my grandkids could have jumped and played up and it wouldn’t budge!  I knew it had to come down so Daffodil could be open and filled with light.  Her beauty couldn’t shine through this way!  P4109308 All the windows had plastic taped over them to help keep the cold out during hunting trips high in the mountains late in the fall or early winter.  You can see the plastic on the little window by the bunk.  The hook beside the little window and the hanger on the side wall held the men’s lanterns at night.  The mattress below the bunk was full size.  It took up so much room and I knew it wasn’t going to stay.  P4109310The table beside the bed attached to the wall and folded up when you didn’t need it.  It was a cute, little vintage Formica table – and pretty handy.  I don’t think I’ll use it.  I have another thought!  And that light – it had to go!P4109316Around to the left – beside the door – was a cute little cabinet.  Nice storage.  I don’t know why all the drawers were missing.  I’m not worried.  My sweetheart is going to take care of it.
P4109313 Work began right away.  Demolition began the next day!  My sweetheart did the ‘big’ jobs – and I did what I could handle.  You’ll see that soon.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daffodil Comes Home And Gets A Bath

The day arrived for us to drive across town to get Daffodil and bring her home.  My heart was beating just a bit faster than usual and I had excited butterflies in my stomach.  It was hard to believe the day I had waited for was finally here!  All of the paperwork was completed and my sweetheart hooked her up to our car.P4099290Within minutes we were ready to go.  Ready to take her to her new home.  Home – where she would be transformed to a little place of beauty.P4099289Daffodil was very dirty so I decided to give her a bath right after we got home.  She had been sitting in the back corner of her previous owner’s property for a long time.  Her owner’s wife was horrified that he hadn’t cleaned her up before we picked her up.  I was fine with it – I was anxious to bring her home and I didn’t want to wait any longer.  I wanted to give her a bath right away!  My sweetheart said washing a trailer is a good way to get acquainted with every square inch of her exterior.  It was a chore – a chore I absolutely loved doing!  No complaints from me.  I donned my sweetheart’s rain overalls and a pair of his rubber boots.  I was a spectacle in the neighborhood, I’m sure!P4099292The only part I didn’t wash was her roof.  I left that to my sweetheart.  When I finished she was clean – from stem. . .P4099300 To stern. (oops – there’s the reflection of my big, green ladder in the back window!)P4099302She was ‘clean as a whistle’ – and I just stood back and smiled.  A lot!  I could hardly believe it – I finally had my very own vintage trailer.  And she was home.  At last!P4099295 Next:  Scenes from inside – the before pictures.