14 foot 1967 Williamscraft trailer

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Planning and Dreaming

Oh, my! It's been w.a.y. too long since I posted here. Daffodil has not had much done to make her the sweet, little place she will be. She spent the winter in the back corner of our yard. Sitting there alone, at times I'm sure she thought she was forgotten. But she wasn't! I often sat in the hot tub and looked at her across the way - studied her and planned and dreamed of making her the 'girl' place of my dreams. P1282404
At times I unlocked her door and just sat inside.  Planning and dreaming – and wishing!P1282401
She sat there quietly waiting.  I’m sure she wondered about her future.  Then one day my sweetheart and I decided it as time to move her back to our driveway.  Back where we could work on her – get her ready for her ‘new’ life.  It wasn’t long before she made a trip around the block and was back where she started out.  In the driveway.  Ready to go!2012-02-04_11-46-18_8
And there she sits!  My sweetheart’s work schedule has been crazy – he’s been working twelve to fourteen hours a day for way too long.  That schedule is changing and we hope he will be able to help me make the changes Daffodil needs before she’s completely redone!  So, for now – I dream and plan and wait to start working in earnest to make her the little trailer she longs to be!  I have a plan and a dream now.  I know what needs to happen so I’ll share more soon – there are photos to show you of the way she was when I brought her home.  And there are photos to show her first ‘cleaning’.  I’ll be back to share more soon.  Honest.  I promise - I will!