14 foot 1967 Williamscraft trailer

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daffodil Comes Home And Gets A Bath

The day arrived for us to drive across town to get Daffodil and bring her home.  My heart was beating just a bit faster than usual and I had excited butterflies in my stomach.  It was hard to believe the day I had waited for was finally here!  All of the paperwork was completed and my sweetheart hooked her up to our car.P4099290Within minutes we were ready to go.  Ready to take her to her new home.  Home – where she would be transformed to a little place of beauty.P4099289Daffodil was very dirty so I decided to give her a bath right after we got home.  She had been sitting in the back corner of her previous owner’s property for a long time.  Her owner’s wife was horrified that he hadn’t cleaned her up before we picked her up.  I was fine with it – I was anxious to bring her home and I didn’t want to wait any longer.  I wanted to give her a bath right away!  My sweetheart said washing a trailer is a good way to get acquainted with every square inch of her exterior.  It was a chore – a chore I absolutely loved doing!  No complaints from me.  I donned my sweetheart’s rain overalls and a pair of his rubber boots.  I was a spectacle in the neighborhood, I’m sure!P4099292The only part I didn’t wash was her roof.  I left that to my sweetheart.  When I finished she was clean – from stem. . .P4099300 To stern. (oops – there’s the reflection of my big, green ladder in the back window!)P4099302She was ‘clean as a whistle’ – and I just stood back and smiled.  A lot!  I could hardly believe it – I finally had my very own vintage trailer.  And she was home.  At last!P4099295 Next:  Scenes from inside – the before pictures.


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