14 foot 1967 Williamscraft trailer

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Winter Hide-Out

Daffodil - BackWinters in Oregon are usually quite wet.  With Daffodil opened up and her interior exposed, we knew we had to get her under cover before the weather began to change.  One Fall day my sweetheart bought a temporary shelter that we knew would be the perfect place for her to spend the winter.  The shelter was big enough that we could work on my trailer through the winter.   We thought she would be almost finished by Spring.  First, the shelter had to be assembled.Daffodil's Winter Home Goes Up My sweetheart and a good friend of ours worked to get things ready for Daffodil’s move to her winter hide-out.  First the roof and support poles went up.  Yes, I know – it’s leaning to one side but that would be fixed after it was completely up and guide wires were added to each side.  The big wheels and tires were the perfect anchor until everything was well secured. Side walls were attached and the back wall with its zippered door (that provides easy access to the inside).Daffodil's Winter Storage - Back Zipper DoorWhen that was all in place it was time for the big move.  My sweetheart hooked up Daffodil so she could be moved from our driveway to the shelter, just a few feet away.Daffodil - Ready To Go
In just minutes, she was resting inside the new shelter where she would stay through the winter. Daffodil Under Cover

Daffodil - Looking Out
My sweetheart added the front wall of the shelter so the trailer would be completely protected from the winter rains.Dave Finishes the Cover
Under CoverIt wasn’t long before this task was complete.  We were relieved that Daffodil could rest - safe and sound - no matter what happened through the winter season.   I could probably write a book about a couple of the storms that ‘tossed’ this shelter around a bit but my sweetheart had it well secured.  And Daffodil was safely snuggled inside - ready for a ‘long winter’s nap’!


  1. What a wonderful solution for the rainy winter time!

  2. You take such good care of Daffodil!

  3. My goodness...this is awesome. I had no idea about shelters like this....pretty cool, ya'll. :)


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