14 foot 1967 Williamscraft trailer

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Things That Are Seen

I recently shared changes that won’t been seen when Daffodil is finished – now it’s time to start showing you what’s happened as we started to put her back together.  It’s getting exciting and things are happening very fast.  The changes that are happening now are things that can be seen.  My sweetheart is spending many long hours to work his magic and put her back together again.  I think you’re going to be amazed to see how much has changed since you last visited Daffodil. 

The next thing to do in the restoration process was the ceiling.  My sweetheart installed the paneling.  The light coming through the front window opening made it hard to get good photos.  This is taken from the front toward the back.Daffodil - New Ceiling - BackLooking toward the front, it looked like this.  I love the curve on the front corners.  Daffodil - New Ceiling - FrontAfter the paneling was up, my sweetheart cut out the openings for the front window and the ceiling vent.  He calls it my skylight!
Daffodil - New CeilingWhen the ceiling was completely installed, it was time to paint.  We decided to paint the ceiling and front wall with a soft, creamy, off-white paint.  Have you ever tried to choose white paint?  There are a million shades of white!
Daffodil - New Ceiling PaintedNext came the wall paneling.  This was a tedious job, at times, but my sweetheart worked hard to get it just right.  I chose oak paneling for the top part of the walls. . .
Daffodil - Upper PanelingAnd oak bead board on the lower part of the walls.
Daffodil - Beadboard I loved the way it looked when it all up on the walls.  Chair rail trim will be added between the paneling and the bead board after all of the cabinets and the closet are in.  Seams in the paneling and corners will have wood trim added, too.
Daffodil - Paneling and BeadboardThen it was time to add a finish to the wall paneling.  I envisioned whitewashed paneling that would allow some of the wood grain to show through.  We thinned the off-white paint we used on the ceiling and it was just perfect.  That worked great – it was just what I wanted.  The upper paneling is beautiful. . .
Daffodil - Whitewashed PanelingAnd I love the way the bead board looks with its new finish. Daffodil - Whitewashed Beadboard The photos look like I’ve added pink.  It’s not pink – it’s the way the light is shining on the walls where the grain is showing through the finish.
Daffodil - Whitewashed Wall My sweetheart’s brother used to have a flooring and counter top business.  He is doing general construction these days but he still installs a lot of flooring.  After the walls were finished he came and installed Daffodil’s new flooring.  It’s a beautiful hardwood-look vinyl.
Daffodil - New FloorI love this flooring – and it was free!  Last year my sweetheart’s brother hired him to help install this vinyl flooring throughout a home at the beach.  My sweetheart brought a small sample home to show me what they were doing.  I loved the sample and asked if he would find out where I could buy this same vinyl for Daffodil.  They went back the next week to finish the job and when he returned after their final day at the coast he brought a small roll of flooring that was left from the job they had just completed.  The homeowner didn’t want the scrap piece and it would have been dumpster bound so my brother-in-law sent it home for me to use in Daffodil.  I couldn’t be more pleased now that it’s in place – and free makes it even better!

Joey decided he should inspect the job.  He approved, but I think it may have been the attention he got that helped him decide.
Daffodil - Joey Checks New FloorWork continues and there will be more to share very soon.  There is a reason we are working so many long hours – there’s a deadline to meet.  I’ll tell you all about it when we come by to visit again.


  1. this is wonderful...everything is turning out so nicely. Who would know that you could refurbish a trailer to almost look like a castle!

  2. WOW! You guys are getting so much done! I bed you can't wait to get in there and start decorating.

  3. Oh now this is the exciting part isn't it !? I love seeing the parts that will show and be a part of the overall theme that Daffodil will have. So far it's all looking so fresh and pretty! Love the beadboard and the flooring. It's amazing how much your sweetheart has done! Keep the updates coming:>)

  4. It's going to be so beautiful! blessings, marlene

  5. Love Daffodil! You can call yourself Glamping when you are through with her! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  6. It gets exciting when the paneling starts to go up! Your husband is doing an amazing job.

  7. I really like how the walls turned out. Can't wait to see more! :)


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