14 foot 1967 Williamscraft trailer

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Secret

I told you yesterday that I had a secret to share with you.  This is what I haven’t told you – Daffodil and I are gone!  We left early this morning for a girlfriends’ camp-out a couple of hours from home.  Even though she’s not finished, she is ready enough to travel.  She and I will join other gals with vintage trailers for the weekend.  There will be ooh’s and aah’s and much talk about plans for what is to come.  Here’s her new look from the front – there were still some things to be finished when I took the photo.
Daffodil - New Front And here’s the way she looked from the back as she went down the freeway.
Daffodil - New BackIf you’ve been watching her progress you will notice that there is no big back window anymore.  That’s a story for another day.  She will have her big window again but my sweetheart will need to work for many long hours to get it ready to install.  Now, I would like to invite you to step inside and see where I will snuggle down and dream pleasant dreams tonight.  I love the way the sun shines through the window and makes shadows on my bed.
Daffodil Bed and ShadowsShe is far from finished inside and the fun of decorating has only just begun.  The quilt on the wheel cover in this photo has special meaning to me.  It was a wedding gift from a dear lady who used to babysit me when I was a little girl.  Many of the fabrics used in this ‘Trip Around The World’ quilt came from dresses and tops I made before I met my husband.  These were the colors of that time and I loved them back then.  She would be amazed that I still have the quilt and that it’s going to help keep me warm on chilly nights when Daffodil and I go away.  I didn't put it on my bed because it's supposed to be hot this weekend.
Daffodil Bed and CurtainsRemember the window I told you is not there?  The big back window?  The window opening was cut out of the paneling and all you can see is the metal skin on the back wall.  No problem, I said.  I have curtains – and I just won’t open them until the window is in place once again!
Daffodil Bed and Back WindowDo you remember this ‘brand’ sign that was on the front of Daffodil?  It looked pretty worn.
Williams Craft Sign - Before Well, look at it now! My sweetheart and I teamed up to restore it to it’s original beauty.  There is another one on the back, too.
Williams Craft Sign - After So, my friends – my secret is out.  Daffodil and I have gone a-traveling.  It's our first trip out together.  When she comes home again there will be tales to tell and much work to continue the restoration.  I’ll tell you about our weekend when we return and I’ll make sure you share every step of the journey until her restoration is complete.


  1. Have a fun and safe trip in your cute "play house"!

  2. Adorable. So cute and I really love the yellow. it is so bright and cheery.

  3. She looks fabulous already! I hope you have a wonderful time on her "maiden voyage".

  4. She is looking so great! Hope you are having a marvelous time on your first outing!

  5. Oh, she is looking darling, and I know that you are having a grand time with Daffodil!

  6. Now this is exciting to see. Love the bed and curtains.
    Can't wait to hear about the weekend away.

  7. Ahhhh, she is beginning to get her lipstick on...blush and eyeliner...and pretty soon, she'll get her big golden earrings, curl her eyelashes and look beautiful. Can't wait to see the rest.
    Did I send you this link to check out...???


    It's an adorable camper....I figure you can get lots of decorating ideas by looking at other cutie pie campers.
    Hope ya'll had fun on your first trip together. :)

  8. Hi Adrienne! Oh, I'm so excited for you! Daffy is looking so spiffy and I love the yellow curtains. She looks great and her little signs are darling! I know you must have had a great time. Koodos to your hubby for all of his hard work on her. Thank you so much for popping in to see me. I'm complaining right now but hopefully I'll get back to some normalcy soon. Love you and hope all is well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. You are SERIOUSLY giving me the bug to do this!! And I can't as I just bought a new house with things to do in it! When I was a little girl, I longed for a "gypsy trailer". Where I got a photo of that I don't know, but I really wanted one! This is the gypsy trailer of my dreams! Maybe someday... By the way, the yellow is AMAZING!


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